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Yay, College Life? 10 More WTF College Pics

We got a pretty good response to our first roundup of Yay, College Life? last week, so we’re back with 10 more WTF college pics for your amusement. What amusing pics have been flying around the blogosphere this week?

College Life, where….

…Mythical creatures guard our doors.

…Authority figures are more lax about rules than home. (Pun intended.)

…You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up.

…Your friends are as cruel as your enemies.

…Cucumbers aren’t the only food used for facials.

…You get creative when trying to fit in the crowd.

…You discover the joy of cooking in a dorm.

…Hooking up is a lot more simple than you think.

…Your vocabulary will sometimes be limited to “WTF is that?”

…You can have some fun when your boss is not looking!

Do you have any hilarious WTF College Pics you’d like to share?
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