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Yay, College Life? 10 WTF College Pics

It’s been a long week for all of us. At this point in the semester, there are papers to be written, people to drunk text (though not really), club meetings to attend, midterm material to study! So much to do, not enough winding down time! So why not make Friday on CampusRiot a little less… serious? College life can’t all be about acing your exams, it’s about laughing a lot too. (Plus, there are major health benefits to laughing. We all want that!) So starting today, we will put together 10 WTF College Life pics for you to gawk and laugh at.

It’s also a great way to nurse that hangover, right? 😉 Okay, enough of this chit chat. Onward, to the gallery of pics!

College Life, where…

…People become more pretentious than they are qualified to be.

…Beer fridges are larger than life.

…Hipsters become so numerous they have declared it Hipster Hunting Season.

…Creativity is rewarded.

…You will always have drunk stories to tell.

…Sometimes, you are at a loss for words.

…Old people are cooler than you remembered.

…Innovation is celebrated.

…Everything is about perspective.

…Sharing is caring.

Do you have any hilarious WTF College Pics you’d like to share?
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