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Breaking news: yoga festivals are the new music festivals. Forget Coachella, book Wanderlust (the “all-out, ecstatic” multi-day yoga festival/celebration) ASAP, as events like this one are quickly gaining popularity nationwide. 

yoga festival(Image via Bhakti Fest)

Wanderlust Festivals actually bring the best of both worlds mentioned above, as participants can enjoy meditation, yoga, lectures, and outdoor expeditions during the day and attend musical concerts as the sun sets in the evening (with healthy, organic food and a glass of wine in hand, of course). If that sounds like too much for you non-committal college kids, the company also offers its 108 triathlon: a 5k run followed by a meditation session followed by a massive outdoor yoga class.

Wanderlust is the top yoga festival brand in the country for many reasons, including its reach: festivals and triathlons are held all over, from Colorado to Vermont to QuebecIn other words, if you’re at University of Colorado Boulder, University of Vermont, or MacGill, we expect to see you in a crowd of thousands getting your downward dog on real soon.

yoga festival(Image via Bhakti Fest)

Wanderlust festivals may be the most mainstream in the country, but these kinds of meditative and community-focused retreats are on the rise (so much so that articles like this one are being written and paid attention to). Bhakti Fest, which celebrates a devotional path that has its roots in yoga, kirtan, and meditation,” hosts similar three-day festivals full of yoga, music, and dance, as well as meditation and prayer sessions, vegan/raw cuisine, and human consciousness workshops. Though not as far-reaching as Wanderlust’s events, Bhakti Fest offers festivals in Madison, Wisconsin and Joshua Tree, California. Ahem, take note, those of you at University of Wisconsin-Madison and UCLA

 yoga festival

(Image via Wanderlust)

Finally, Pranafest aims to “cultivate clear minds and healthy bodies” through “Acro Yoga Playshops” and “Community Sound Baths” (we don’t know what these activity titles mean, either, but they sound like they mean business) that take place at a natural hot springs spa and events center in Ashland, Oregon (U of Oregon students, buy a ticket and pack your –preferably straw — satchels for the retreat).

As if you needed any more convincing that this celebratory and serene activity is on the up and up, Yoga provides site visitors with a thorough list of this year’s biggest events. As it turns out, yoga festivals are happening in Estonia, Jakarta, Iowa City, and Austin. Enough said.

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