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When registration time rolls around, I always have three tabs open on my web browser: one with the course listings for the next semester, one containing my major requirements, and the last one strictly stationed on Rate My Professors. Hey, I want to know if my prospective teacher is going to be awesome or a stick in the mud, is that such a crime?! I can imagine quite of few of my fellow students can agree with me when I say that a good professor makes a world of difference in the classroom. Reading reviews written by former (and sometimes current) students can help prospective ones determine whether or not a certain class is for them, which can save them from unnecessary stress and frustration in the long run. But watch out, Rate My Professors, because there is a new teacher review site in town. Introducing Draw Your Professor, the website that lets you actually create a doodle of your professor using nothing but 90s MS paint style tools! Why peruse pages worth of boring reviews when you can just look at 2D images of your school’s faculty instead?

Draw Your Professor is a super simple website to use. You simply go to the homepage, search for your school and professor, and get to drawing. You can view all the other pictures that students just like you have created and even search to see if your favorite professor has a portrait of his/her own. The images range from simplistic and hilarious to incredible — some being nothing but stick figures, while others look like they wouldn’t be too out of place at an art show.

The website is available for anybody to use and doesn’t require any registration. So head on over and honor your favorite professor with a drawing of your very own. And in the mean time, check out some of our favorites:







Check out more drawings at Draw Your Professor.

What’s your favorite professor drawing?