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Megan Simpson is a junior at Chapman University studying Creative Writing and Psychology. She loves movies, food, and cats, like any normal college girl. Her main goal in life is to  finally get her dad to admit that she’s funnier than him.

Ah, so you’re alone for Chapman interterm. Winter Break seems like a distant memory, doesn’t it, friend? I didn’t think I could ever miss being in my parents’ house, but I now realize that is because I’ve never experienced interterm before. For those of you reading this that are unfamiliar with that term, you don’t go to Chapman so get out it’s a 3-4 week “semester” wherein you can only take a certain number of credits that usually equal one class. Basically it’s a sped-up version of what we pampered semester-system kids know and love.

As you can imagine, there are a few downsides to taking an interterm class: a longer class, four solid days of the same people/professor, terrible food at the Caf if you live on campus, and the worst… no one else decided to do interterm with you. Thankfully, one of my roommates is suffering through this pain with me, while another is doing an internship and the last is continuing her Winter Break at home. I have a few other friends around, but many have chosen to use this time to travel and be with their loved ones. I know there are other panthers who have it worse than me, so I thought I’d help get you through this time of solitude by creating a little list of things you can do if you’re braving interterm alone this year. Enjoy, nerds.

Put your crap all over your roommates’ beds.

They aren’t coming back any time soon and you know you need the room. Don’t do any permanent damage (unless there’s a real grudge there, in which case nothing I say is going to stop you from messing up their side of the room), but utilize your newfound space and put the jacket you always wear on the corner of their bed. Or on the floor. It’s your life.

Go to the mall and buy things.

 There’s no one there to tell you that buying two pairs of the same jeans just isn’t cost-effective. You are your own boss. Feel the power coursing through your body. Buy the weird ring that only you like. Eat the overpriced burrito. No one can stop you.

Talk to yourself in the study lounge (if you live in the dorms) when you’re alone. 

No seriously, it’s the funniest trick to play on the people on your floor that you don’t know well and therefore don’t count as friends. Have a conversation (loudly) with yourself in two different/distinct voices (don’t be afraid to play with accents, people) until someone comes in to either study or tell you to shut up. Three out of five times they will stare at you, visibly confused, and ask who you were talking to. When they do, just raise your eyebrows and say, “I wasn’t talking to anyone. I’m the only one in here. Are you feeling alright?”

Talk to your friends. 

Pretend you’re not crying when you Skype with them.

Learn how to wall-twerk. 

No one is around to judge you or tell you to turn “Gas Pedal” off. In fact, practice all of your party tricks: flirtatious laughter, carrying you drink around the party without spilling it, cabbage-patching, memorizing the different fraternity calls so you don’t shout something you’re not supposed to, and talking to humans. But mostly wall-twerking, because it’s impressive. Quick warning though, if no one is around to judge you, no one is around to call 911 when your socks slip and you do a sloppy front-handspring onto the floor.

Make new friends. 

I’m just kidding, the friends you have are enough. Never meet new people.

Stay home at watch movies/tv shows/stalk people via social media. 

This is the most realistic option.

Do whatever you want. 

Don’t listen to me. Who am I to tell you what to do? I probably don’t even know you super well. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Why do I keep making these lists AGH.

Sorry, folks, as you can see, I’m going a little crazy here.


Are you doing interterm? What are you doing with your free time?

(photo credit: AMELIA SPEED via photopin cc)