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Love is a beautiful thing or at least that is what people in love keep telling me. I would speculate that being in love is also terrifying which is why people can sometimes struggle with getting the fateful phrase, “I love you,” out in the open. The first time that you manage to utter that phrase it can be awkward, especially if the person you say it to is not on the same page. We have seen the scenario play out in movies and television. I mean who could forget when Eric on That 70s Show returned Donna’s, “I love you,” with, “I…love…cake.” I mean everyone loves cake but at CampusRiot we also love hearing reactions to awkward situations. The following is our pick of favorite responses to the AskReddit question, “What is the worse way to respond to I love you?”

1.) “If only I could get your sister to say that.”

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2.) “Just not saying anything and laughing, like real good hearty laugh would be pretty bad.”

3.) “That’s adorable.”

4.) “We need to talk.”

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5.) “Who doesn’t?”

6.) “And I love you random citizen!”

7.) “This is humiliating, but here goes: I once dated this guy who had a thing against saying I love you too soon. I said it after 5 months and he didn’t say it back. I guess I thought if I said I love you enough, he would eventually come around. Worst response? “I heard you.””

8.) “You don’t know what love is, Forrest.”

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9.) “I love lamp”

10.) “Wait, are you pregnant?”

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11.) “I…. tolerate you.”

12.) “Aww, me too, You’re such a great FRIEND”

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13.) ““Thank you” is the most heartbreaking and the most effective. There’s no mistaking that the other person heard it, acknowledged it, and very deliberately did not return it in kind.”

14.) “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

15.) “I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat.”

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16.) “Wait, what was your name again…?”

17.) “Told my girlfriend “I love you” for the first time, she started crying like I just killed her cat. Awkward to say the least.”

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18.) “No” Just that. Nothing else, just no. Not loudly or dramatically, just an everyday no.

19.) Giggle and then say “I’m gay”. If you’re already gay then Giggle and then say “I’m straight”.

20.) I love u2, the band.

21.) “My ex said “thank you”. After a few moments of silence my shaky little voice replied “juuuuust kiddinggggg”. Shame ensued.


What do you think the worst response to, “I love you” is?

Feature Image: photo credit: HAMED MASOUMI via photopin cc