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Last week, Pamela, the editor of Redesign Revolution and I got the opportunity to go check out the Z!NG Revolution “Ultimate Dorm Room” in New York City. It was the perfect excuse to get out of the office (and we may or may not have gotten lost on the way there, whoops!) We were a little worried what we might find there – the press photos showed a room that seemed to be covered from ceiling to floor in posters and pictures of Justin Bieber, Snooki, and One Direction. And while this was partly true, we were very pleasantly surprised when we arrived! The room, which was basically a room in their office that was furnished like a typical dorm room (with bunk beds, a desk and chairs, a mini-fridge and microwave, a beer pong table and more) completely decked out in vinyl stickers of everything from TV shows like Family Guy and Dexter to music artists like Taylor Swift and Metallica, and even to actual art (wait until you see the floor below. It’s amazing!)

When our friends at Z!NG Revolution explained what they do, we were sold. Their vinyl sticker-like skins (for which they have an unending amount of licenses for all things pop-culture – the walls are proof!) can turn anything boring into art with just a quick peel and stick. The skins are made specially to go on bubble-free and peel off easily. The best part, however, is not the multitude of pop-culture choices and devices/objects that can be skinned, but rather the ability to design your own and make custom skins. On their website you can actually upload your own pictures and add text to make your own – a great option for photographers and inspiring designers! Whether you go the custom route or you are a die-hard One Direction fan, you can skin literally everything from your phone to your laptop, to your walls, fridge, tables, chairs, and even your light switches, outlets, and credit cards. And, you can custom-order pretty much anything – the pink and blue round table below was skinned with a custom design and measurement.

While we don’t really recommend skinning everything in your room like they did (it might overwhelm your roommate!) we think these Z!NG Revolution vinyl skins are a great and affordable way to decorate your dorm. No more boring white walls and furniture, and no more tacking up posters or getting tape stuck to the walls. Definitely a must-have for any college student. I not-so-secretly wish these had been around when I was still in school, and I totally would’ve plastered the Ke$ha one on everything…

Check out the photos from our journey to the Z!NG Revolution “Ultimate Dorm Room” below!

Zing Revolution Wall

These stickers make for a well-decorated dorm room with easy clean-up (they peel right off!)

Zing Revolution Table

This table was measured and covered with a custom Z!NG Revolution skin! So cool.

Zing Revolution Desk Close Up

There’s no such thing as too much decorating!

Zing Revolution Chair

They went a little chair crazy!

Zing Revolution Beer Pong Table

The most epic beer pong table, easily customized with Z!NG’s vinyl stickers!

Zing Revolution Snooki Fridge

You can skin your entire mini-fridge. They even skinned the microwave! (note: a little creepy when lit up…)

Zing Revolution Floor Art

The awesome, custom floor design for the Z!NG Ultimate Dorm Room.

Zing Revolution Kesha Sticker

My personal favorite.

 Would you customize your dorm room with these Z!NG Revolution vinyl stickers? Tell us in the comments!

All photos © Pamela Nguyen for CampusRiot & Redesign Revolution.