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Melissa Scott is the University of New Haven CampusRiot Campus Representative.

zip lining2

Photo credit: Friend/Roommate Brianna Rodriguez

In almost every college student’s mind, there is an aspiration to do something “on the wild side”. We want to step outside of our comfort zone and do things we never imagined would be possible. Suddenly, we have dreams of rock or mountain climbing, bungee jumping, or skydiving, the list goes on. Personally, my dream is to zip line in New Zealand. Although it was not New Zealand, I was given the opportunity to fulfill at least part of that dream: zip lining.

I attend the University of New Haven in West Haven, CT. Not far outside of the university is a place called The Adventure Park and Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, CT. It is an “aerial forest park consisting of a series of platforms in the trees connected by cable, wood, rope and zip lines to form bridges. Each bridge presents a different challenge of how to get to the next platform”, according to the park’s website. There are many places like it throughout the country. I had the chance to go to this park, for free with my school. As college students, we love anything that is free. For The Adventure Park, regular price is about $50. With that said, free or not, zip lining is worth experiencing. Here’s a roundup of 3 reasons you need to try zip lining!

zip lining1

Photo credit: Friend/Roommate Jasmine Penny

1. It challenges your fears.

All of your fears will be tested whether they are of heights, walking across unsteady boards, or zipping in the air. I am not afraid of heights, however if a part in the course looked difficult, my anxiety spiked up for sure. The important thing you get from zip lining is to use it to your advantage. You are already into the course; there is no turning back. Take that adrenaline and just bust through the obstacle. Each time you do, it gets easier. You will gain confidence and therefore challenge yourself more and make the most of your experience!

2. It challenges you physically.

This might sound intimidating to people who exercise minimally. Don’t be alarmed! I am included in that category of people and I still was able to do it. You are working every muscle in your body while completing different courses. Your arms and legs will feel it the most. However, it will be the most fun “workout” you will ever have. Time goes by so quickly you do not even realize you are working. It is likely you will feel terribly sore but also feel rewarded.

3. It’s fun!

It is important that students take time to have fun, especially with finals nearing. Because you are exercising your mind and body, you are subconsciously relieving stress. You likely aren’t worried about that test you have next week or the paper you need to complete. You are in the moment, having fun. It’s best to go with a group of friends or to take advantage of a university sponsored trip. If you don’t know anyone going, that’s ok because I promise that you will walk out a new friend or two that you made while waiting in line or to approach your next platform.

So whatever your wild, crazy, ambitious dream is, DO IT. Don’t let reservations or fears hold you back. So as the Nike slogan says “JUST DO IT”!

Here’s a video of me completing one of the obstacles taped by my friend and roommate Jasmine Penny! *Warning there is a curse word; I do apologize. Enjoy!

Will you try zip lining after reading this post? 

feature photo credit: Travis Jon Allison via photopin cc